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I head of the family coach Juve after abroad in the national team Ferguson or Mourinho?

Posted Dec 28 2012 7:10am
Recalling 2012, Chairman Agnelli and coach Conti regarded annual time specifically for the league championship night in May, Trieste beat Juventus in Cagliari, with Milan lost the derby advance aspirations. Agnelli said: I'm at home watching my house is situated on top of one small hill in the city, suddenly the time I heard metropolis thunderous cheers everywhere, I'm listening, watching MILITO AWAY YOUTH JERSEY, read the TV drama intoxicating carnival continued half well over per hour. Conti said: That night the total whistle, members of the squad i embrace will definitely be a most precious memories of playing. excitement outside, I've a number of scenes that could in your thoughts, plus i personally, Juventus years I immediately contemplated the 2006 drowning death of two Juventus youth, the trophy also part of them and families.

Monday interview with Sky TV, sports justice, Conti still held an agreement critical attitude: 4 months is quite painful, and i also felt uncomfortable, but this time saw that it makes me more powerful, I am about to regret, sympathy and encouragement. as well as other feelings, specializing in Paolo Cannavaro and glava and Naples team, these are generally encountered with unfair treatment My partner and i and what sorts of person the fined it? individuals that taken part in fraud, no matter what designer, performer, active or passive, got word of such a thing in comparison to the beginning resolutely instead of never participate but couldn't expose spotted. Conti Humane Care Without Borders, also served on the the med West Bank of Spain, choose to to patients Barcelona coach Vilanova, he faced procedure as opposed to the football game a lot brutal, more needs will quality firm, plus i hope they will resume the bench early 2012-2013 PORTUGAL HOME WOMEN'S JERSEY.

Juve coach the 2012 annual deserved probably the most successful football, and slightly considerably better than Prandelli. Instant Italian Mourinho steel coach, once long-term marriage with the old woman paste the Juve Ferguson label, Conti disclose personal development plan naturally of the season, first success at Juventus, after which you can to foreign countries, a final coach from the Italian national team. the same ideas and Mourinho ABATE HOME JERSEY.

A qualitative leap to lead the most important team, Conti coach has also been a fresh experience: football coach, what has to be, every single must dont mentor, explore simply have the tactical wisdom and sensitivity, talk about the formation You'll need the series, you will be a psychological mentor, to recognise the best way to look at the outlook of one's players to be able to go deep into his heart exchange for his sake; additionally it is a pr guru, regarding the club also, the team on different occasions using different rhetoric and attitude; and this is managers, managing and operating your team to master their bond involving the club and the players. therefore, For a nice and within the learning never stop. It is composed by ballersevenyc 12.28.2012
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