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I always loved the waters. My pa ...

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:03pm


I always loved the waters. My parents used to take my sisters and I to beaches. I tend to go crazy seeing the beach and would run to the seas to swim in it. I loved the taste and the smell of the seas.

As I grew, I got to know about diving probably from TV. I wanted so much to learn how to dive. My parents would definately not allow their only beloved son to do such and furthermore they already did so much that I felt bad asking. As time passed by, the love for diving never faded but maybe grew more. I was always on the look out as to the prices to get license. They were too expensive for me and time did not permit me to do so being in the medical faculty. While working, it was busy that I barely had time to ponder and when I did, I was in places where the word diving was as rare as the place I worked.

In 2000, I joined the Masters programme and came back down to the city KL. The stress was too high that I felt a need to unwind. The caling for dive grew stronger but I gave it up everytime I looked at the price. I began to realise that despite the fact that I love my work, life has a greater meaning than just that. In 2003, there was a dive course which was not only cheap but also conducted by the university itself. I quietly took it up and passed the basic open water diver license and ever since there was no turning back.

Then, as the interest grew, I saved and bought the diving equipments slowly and after a while decided to take underwater photography. Why? The underwater world is a totally different world altogether and it is magnificently beautiful. I was unable to share this with many unless I can capture them in pictures. Especially to those who fear the seas, it was difficult to make them appreciate the seas. So, underwater photography it was but I learnt things the hard way.
I realised that cameras were designed for land and not for water. Taking pictures also took a turn as I realised that I never looked at my pictures again after taking them. I learnt that it had to be good shots - cover magazine like shots for anybody and I to appreciate the beauty of the underseas. So, I enrolled myself for an underwater course and now am learning to take shots that makes me view them again.

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