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Hp buys Palm. Long live Palm!

Posted Apr 28 2010 3:14pm

So it’s come a full circle. When Jeff Hawkins et al. first came up with the original Palm Pilot, they were manufactured under USRobotics. The latter were then acquired by 3Com. After that Palm split from 3Com, and then split further into hardware (Palm) and software (Palmsource) companies. That last split was probably a bad idea as Palm was no longer in control of it’s own software and indeed it’s own destiny. Later on, Palm developed WebOS, the new generation operating system to replace the aging PalmOS. WebOS is IMO the best mobile OS out there. Palm unfortunately does not have the financial muscle to take WebOS to the levels it deserves and in today’s very competitive mobile market, it’s all about branding and mindshare (think Apple sheep).
Now the hot tech news of the week is that HP has acquired Palm for 1.2 billion USD . So after weeks of speculation, it’s now confirmed that it is HP which is the company that bought 3Com, which bought USRobotics, which bought the house that Jeff built, that now owns Palm.
I am excited that HP is “ doubling down on WebOS ” and the financial future of Palm is more secure now, so we can expect to see more hardware running WebOS, possibly even WebOS tablets!
With HP’s muscle behind this innovative mobile computing company, I say long live Palm! Time to show the world what WebOS can do. Yes, life moves fast, don’t miss a thing!

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

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