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How Do You Talk To Yourself?

Posted Feb 09 2010 5:59pm

I have young children, so I am always in teaching mode. I teach my oldest son, age 7, that he should always talk to his teachers and other adults with respect. Use Mr. and Mrs. instead of addressing an adult by their first name. It is a sign of respect. Your outward speech patterns are reflective of your inward thoughts and desires.

It hit me the other day as my son and I were talking in the local bookstore that we don't spend enough time or put enough emphasis on the inner dialogue we have with ourselves. It is great to show outward signs of respect but ultimately respect starts from within. We have an ongoing conversation that is always going on in our head. We are processing things in our environment... social interactions, news, thoughts, beliefs... but what are you actually saying?

Do you pay close attention?

Are you constantly telling yourself why something bad is going to happen, or something is going to go wrong?

Are you always expecting the worse?

Do you expect your interactions with others to add value to the other persons life?

Do you expect that the goals you set are going to materialize?

I am not going to make this a lengthy post, because the person that inspired this post, my son, would have already moved onto another dialogue in his own head and cut me off... he doesn't have a huge attention span, and you may not either.

My point is that it is important to pay attention to the things you tell yourself over and over. Your thoughts will eventually shape your reality, as they will trigger the actions and patterns to make it happen. So if you don't like your results, change your thoughts.

Just like it is respectful to refer to elders as Mr. and Mrs. when we are children... have respect for yourself also. You deserve it more than anyone.

You know that old adage... "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? ... we should change it to "say unto yourself, what you would have others say unto you."

That is it for today. It has been way to long since I have written on this blog. I wrote on this topic because most of the patients I help and have come to know so well, suffer for a long time before they make their way into our institute.

If you are constantly in pain, or have extreme fatigue then it is easy to get into unhealthy internal dialogues with ourselves. Those unhealthy dialogues turn into extremely bad habit patterns that insidiously lead to worsening of the bodies physiology. It's a vicious cycle.

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