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How an Internist uses his Palm Centro

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:10am

Looks like Dr. Mark Angles really maximises the potential of his Centro! (via Palmaddicts )

I am a general internist and have a wide variety of medical problems I see on a daily basis. I use a Palm Centro to help me capture all the info I need to retain from my busy days. I use the camera to take pictures of skin conditions and have follow-up pictures for comparison. I dictate to the recording software on it so that I can transcribe it later on my PC. My daily schedule is there, along with names and phone numbers for my associates, labs and patients. I use the memo function to help with billing (level of visits,etc) and for keeping up with the phone messages that my secretary puts in memo form on the desktop software (which I sync to at least daily). For emergencies, she can even text me the message so as not to interfere with my other duties. Because both our schedules are very busy, I am a one-doc office, we can communicate effectively and efficiently with minimal interruptions in each other’s productivity. Finally, for those spare moments of otherwise wasted time, I have software that allows me to perform my required CME (continuing medical education) whenever and wherever I choose; I get my certificates via email quickly, painlessly and don’t have to worry about not finishing them before the year is through!

Now are you using your PDA/PDA phone to it’s fullest potential? ;)

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

How an Internist uses his Palm Centro

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