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Hoop Jumping!

Posted Dec 09 2009 12:39pm
Well hello hello!It is exam season again and what better time to procrastinate and revive my old medical blog? Apart from the fact I had forgotten all my passwords and had to answer secret questions I had no idea of the answer to...

Sorry to all my fellow bloggers for abandoning you.

I read Samuel Shem's House of God. Been on my shelf for about four years before I picked it up. I really didn't want to, the review on the back saying its 'Catch 22 with stethoscopes' How can anything in medicine compare to the epic literary genius that is Catch 22? I mean Catch 22 starts off in a hospital, war and medicine and everything else to boot!
Despite myself though, I found myself liking (even enjoying House of God) and identifying with some parts in it. I don't have it to hand now, maybe next time, I don't remember the quotes verbatim and would like to share them faithfully.

A lot of medical school just seems to be hoop jumping, we're the dolphins. Perhaps the tasks initially had good intentions (like inter professional team working) yet making us sit and watch Casualty was patronizing to everyone in the room, student nurse, social worker and medic alike! Get this signed, that signed, hand that in, tick all these boxes, jump through this hoop... No it won't help you be a doctor but its a GMC requirement (oh really?) Then one day the hoops are over and you're a doctor, and no doubt have another set of hoops to start going! I imagine its the same for every profession. Thankfully for me I have finished all this curricular tick boxes and can now get down to the dirty business of revision. Once more!
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