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Get Relief from Pet Allergies with Natural Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Posted Dec 13 2009 1:44pm

Do you have pet allergies? Wellthere is hope for relief from your allergies to catsdogsrabbits and many more pets! Dr. Dobrich of BioVeda of Harrisburglocated just outside of CharlotteNorth Carolina has helped patients with pet allergies that would result in reditchy eyesstuffy nosesneezingrashesand asthma attacks.  Dr. Dobrich uses a computerized system called the BAX -3000 from BioVeda Technologies.  This sytem provides a natural method of relief from allergy symptoms called Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy.

Belowread about two women with severe pet allergies who got relief with this amazing natural therapy …

Angela had severe allergies to rabbits.  When she would visit her father in the mountains of North Carolinawho raised rabbitsshe would have to stay in the house far away from the rabbit barn.  If she came in contact with a rabbither eyes would swell upand she would have an asthma attack.  She never visited her father’s house without her allergy and asthma medication.  After following the BAX-3000  allergy protocolAngela went to visit her father. With medications in hand as a precautionary measureshe entered the rabbit barn as her family looked on in amazement.  Angela never needed to take her medications. She did not have an asthma attack. Her eyes did not swell shut.  She did not have one allergy symptom!

Sylvia had severe allergies to cats and wool.  Coming in contact with cats would lead to asthma attacks and reditchy eyes. Contact with wool would lead to rashes and hives.  After following the BAX-3000 allergy protocolSylvia can now wear wool sweaters and scarves with no rashes or hivesand visit friends with catswithout an asthma attack or reditchy eyes.

BioVeda of Harrisburg is located in Cabarrus County just outside of CharlotteNC.

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