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Fun, Fun and Fun

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:03pm
I had always wanted to do wall climbing. I did it once a few years ago, and really liked it. So, yesterday, I thought why don't I learn to do it properly. I booked myself into a start up course for climbing at the Edinburgh International Climbing Centre yesterday. I had loads of FUN!

The centre was huge. The walls were really really high. But of course, I did not attempt them because they looked too scary to me. haha.

The course lasted for 3 hours, which actually was not that long. There were 5 of us, all men except me, and all of them were doing the start up course for their children. Their children love wall climbing. Man, I really felt out of place. However, they were all very nice people.

I was showed how to tie knots, how to control the rope, safety measures, etc. After all of that, we took turns to climb. I started off with the "easier" wall. Ideally, I should climb using the same coloured wall grips. But, I find myself using all the colours. hehe...playing cheat...but hey, its only my first time! :P

Then, we moved on to the more difficult walls...and this was where I really struggled. I think all of us struggled, in fact. Our arms were all aching and shaking because obviously we had not really climb before. No matter what exercise you have done before, it is different (well, thats what I think anyway). You use different muscles to climb up the wall.

Halfway through the course, my arms were tired. I still tried the wall with a difficulty of 6+. haha...I could only manage to go quarter of the journey, before I finally gave up.

I really enjoyed my wall climbing trip yesterday. I found it physically and mentally challenging.... You have to plan your climb and to be honest, the height doesn't bother me at all. When you're climbing, you are up there concentrating on how to reach the top.

Loads of people asked me why did I go to the centre in Edinburgh, rather than the one in Glasgow. My reason was the one in Edinburgh is bigger and the course was only 3 hours, compared to the 6 hour course in the Glasgow centre. Moreover, I am on holiday...I don't mind travelling in my car....hehe.

It was quite pathetic to go on my own. The only trouble now is I will not be able to go again as I do not have a climbing partner. So no one could hold on to me while I climb. Till I can find one, I guess I won't be able to practise wall climbing.
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