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Epocrates for webOS updated, and an open appeal

Posted Dec 16 2010 7:00pm

Epocrates just updated their app for webOS. As mentioned in their earlier email to users, this will be their final planned update and the application will cease to work in May 2011 (presumably because there will be a component which requires a server interaction and they can kill it, and also it isn’t a good idea to keep outdated drug references on your device).
This has disappointed a large number of webOS users out there and if you look at the comments on the Epocrates app (you can browse comments on your PC by checking out Epocrates on MyAppBox ), you’ll see outbursts from users like:

Great app! I think it’s total c#$% that you are pulling webOS support! Lack of interest? 140,000+ downloads of the beta version?? How is that a lack of interest?!?!?!?!?

Indispensable for any in the medical field. Just need regular updates and instant typing to look up meds to get 5 stars. Update: SHOCKED epocrates is stopping development for palm webOS. Epocrates got it’s start with palm, and I’ve been using epocrates for 10 yrs.

Absolutely beautiful app, I’m very very saddened that it’s being removed. Whenever I find a random pill on the ground at someones house instead of just popping it in my mouth and figuring out what it could of been later I can instantly find out what the pill is before I take it. Please reconsider keeping this

It is very unfortunate that epocrates doesn’t have plans to continue this app. This program has been invaluable and as a PA I use it daily.

Surprised and saddened that Epocrates is ceasing support for WebOS – this is a great app. Do reconsider!

You get the drift. Interesting to note that some people actually commented that they’ll buy the app if Epocrates keeps it going for webOS. I understand that Epocrates thinks it is business sense to kill the webOS version as it isn’t generating revenue for them, because as they claim there are relatively few users. I seriously think Epocrates should reconsider and here’s why:

1) Epocrates owes its success to PalmOS. PalmOS will cease to exist in webOS from version 2.0 onwards as the Classic emulator will no longer be supported, so we can really lay PalmOS to rest. PalmOS Epocrates users were happy to see a webOS version, and I must say the webOS version is a beautiful product which works well. Abandon it and you in a sense are abandoning those who made you where you are today.
2) The numbers of webOS users may be relatively small compared to Android and iOS but consider that HP has acquired Palm and are about to announce a slew of new webOS devices next month, please consider the fact that webOS has a good chance of increasing market share next year. It’s arguably the best mobile OS out there and it only needs better hardware and a better distribution model. Something which with the backing of a tech behemoth like HP it’ll likely achieve, but it will take time.
3) You can’t generate revenue with Epocrates beta for webOS simply as you have not implemented Epocrates Essentials (and hence get subscribers). It’s a chicken and egg situation. You have built a beautiful webOS product. Please don’t abandon it (and waste so many man hours developing it) and reconsider developing it further and bringing Epocrates Essentials to webOS. Even if you can’t perhaps make it a purchase app for the time being until Epocrates Essentials for webOS is available?

I also sincerely hope that HP developer relations will talk to Epocrates and perhaps if they give them a better inkling of their road-map they could be convinced to change their minds. I believe healthcare products are an important part of HP’s plans. If they want their HP webOS tablet to be used in the healthcare sector, absence of a major app like Epocrates will be a negative deciding factor for buyers. Ultimately however, the ball is in Epocrates’ court. Please, please reconsider. This is a sincere appeal from the webOS community and you will have our eternal gratitude, not to mention our wallets once you revive Epocrates for webOS and come out with Epocrates Essentials for webOS.
Thank you for listening.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Epocrates for webOS updated, and an open appeal

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