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English coffee, English tea, English soda = wheee!

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:41pm

Two posts in one day; well, sort of. It still counts as the same day if you never go to bed, right? This update is free. I'm here at the Oval Ambulance Station utilizing their computer. I've been doing a night shift with a 'Rapid Response Unit.' I'm with a paramedic and we respond to category 'A' calls or priority '1' as we say in the states. It's been awesome and I feel great even though it's almost 6 am here. I'm all hyped up on caffeine at the moment. Maybe I'll go straight to Portobello road from here. We've had a lot of calls, (17) and I got to draw up 'Daizamuls' aka Diazepam. Pretty cool. I've learned a lot about LAS and England in general. All different, but the same. Just with British accents and phrases like 'When did the poly start?' 'Shock box' and 'Sharp Scratch.' The people here are awesome, I can still barely believe it. They were worried I'd be bored because we've mostly had BS calls. I'm so excited just to be racing in and out of traffic in excess of 60 MPH that I can hardly stand myself. I don't even mind wearing the bright yellow observer vest solely for the fact that it says LAS on it.
They have a fantastic map system in each car and ambulance. It tells you where to go and how to get there. Also, all of the call info comes up on a different little screen, dead helpful.
Well, that's all for now. I can barely see straight from all the coffee, etc. But hopefully by the time I get dropped back at the hostel, I'll feel tired again.

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