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Edinburgh behind the wheel

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:40pm

Yesterday I did do most of those things, I got some Jaffa cakes at the grocery (which are amazing, by the way), had something to eat, and visited the Museum of Scotland long enough to see Dolly the sheep. (by the way, she's stuffed and dead now, if you forgot like I did)

I started today with a hearty breakfast at the hostel and went to the national gallery. They have some nice stuff! Didn't buy anything there, 'twas all too bendy or breakable. I then wandered around the touristy spots. Saw the castle, Balmoral (where harry potter ended) and went to a bookstore (not as touristy) to get a map of our hiking trail for later.
I then met Kal (truamaqueen) and we had a tea and he showed me around the Edinburgh ambulance station. (happy to report he is not a robber or a serial killer, but exactly what I thought he would be (a kind and awesome ambulancman!) I only tried once to get in the wrong side of his car. At the station, we combed through an ambulance for quite some time. With me touching everything, asking way too many questions, and taking pictures of silly things. It will come as no surprise to you that it was all awesome and I was jealous more than once. I like how he laughed when I told him that we still lift patients. Ha ha! Their trucks either have a "tail lift" or a handy ramp that folds out to wheel the patient in. Both of which are not that complicated mechanically, so why the heck don't we have them?! Anyway, they have the usual toys, and some cool ones that we don't have! Including a computer for writing trip sheets that has a link to their dispatch and ERs so that not only is there no actual writing, there doesn't even have to be printing! (I'm sure this exists somewhere in the US, but not where I am)
He then took me 'round to the hospital to show me the ER which is basically a spitting image of any that I've seen in America. I tried to explain to him the relative silliness of not having a national health system, and we talked about blogging about work and such.

I am not able to upload pictures on the computer here, so I'll have to try another place later, or wherever I was yesterday (if I could find it), or just have to wait until a later update.

He brought me back to the center of town and we had a coffee in the "birthplace of harry potter" so I was quite keen to write in the presence of greatness, so to speak. Here I am now, writing this. I feel about as inspired as I usually do, and I have quite a lot more energy than yesterday given a good nights sleep and some tea and coffee.

I plan to spend the rest of the evening (it's about 6:30 here) eating somewhere Kal suggested and continuing to attempt to not look like a tourist.

Tomorrow, I am joined by Andy, Louisa, and Jenn, to officially begin our holiday together. (I am sure that I can talk Andy into going to the surgeon's museum to see a wallet made of human, it's the other two I'm worried about.)

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