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Double Vision

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:08am 1 Comment

Double vision is an interesting thing. In Neuroscience we discussed double vision a bit — but referring to it with the technical term of diplopia.

I won’t go into the cause of diplopia. A cursory search of the internet should lead you to some fairly good explanations.

I wanted to share a few pictures I found on the Internet. It’s a sort of simulated diplopia. And it feels weird looking at it. It feels totally wrong — I almost felt dizzy looking at these pictures. Maybe because the brain was trying to make sense of it all.

Well below are the pictures. Have fun with them.


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This a.m. I saw a large transport truck coming toward me in the oposite lane. 2 sets of double headlights, huge tall cab. As it came closer, it shrunk in size and became an ordinary size pick up truck. I saw one green light on top of another atg an intersection. Cars with double lights and a second shadow of the highway rising above the highway. I have sometimes has very slight double vision or more I thought blurred vision. This is scary stuff.
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