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Do You Suffer From Migraines?

Posted Sep 14 2012 10:06pm

Are you tired trying different medications, hoping to find one that takes away the pain and doesn’t leave you feeling lethargic and drugged up?

It is understandable why most migraine sufferers lose hope. Our modern medical industry says there is no cure for migraines. Researchers cannot seem to agree on what causes migraines, although they uniformly agree that something is wrong with the person’s nervous system, specifically with the part of the brain that controls blood vessel dilation (that is important – we will discuss it more later).

Migraines have recognized common “triggers”, or events that are often associated with the onset of the pain. Things like hormone fluctuations, too much stress, lack of sleep, blood sugar changes, lack of caffeine, and a host of others can serve as “triggers”. Obviously, common advice is to avoid these “triggers”. Some recommend eating a diet with more fruits and vegetables, but often that is not enough. Basically, from the perspective of modern medicine the outlook is pretty bleak for those that suffer from migraines or frequent headaches.

There are about 28 million people that suffer from migraines and the vast majority of them will battle with them indefinitely. It is sad to think about how many birthday parties, backyard BBQ’s and vacations will be ruined because of migraines, the side-effects of the migraine medication, or the fear of the next migraine. Many of the 28 million will continue to suffer, not because they have incurable migraines, or bad genes, but because they are stuck with “inside-the-box” thinking.

If you do what most people do then you should expect the results that most people get.

In the context of this conversation, “inside-the-box” thinking means that you only view the problem from one perspective…the mainstream perspective. In the case of migraine treatments that means medication, either over-the-counter or prescribed. You hope to one day find the magic chemical cocktail that will fix the migraines once and for all, but chances are you will never find it.

But here’s the thing…you cannot really expect medicine to fix anything in the long run. Medicine was never designed to have a lasting effect or to restore health. Medicine was simply designed to temporarily reduce a sensation or artificially stimulate a function of the body. The underlying problem, whatever it may be, will still be there when the medicine wears off.

Recurring migraines and frequent headaches are a sign that something in your body is out of balance. Fact – your body is both self-regulating and self-healing. That is why you do not have to think about digesting your food, it just happens. This is also why you do not have to stare at a cut to make it heal, it just happens. If you have a chronic health problem, that means you have a chronic imbalance in your system.

As previously mentioned, our modern medical researchers have not agreed on the exact cause of migraines, but they do agree that something is wrong with the person’s nervous system. Your nervous system is in control of every muscle, organ, gland and tissue in the body, including the blood vessels!

The doctors at The Specific Chiropractic Centers have found that many migraine sufferers have a problem within their nervous system that has been overlooked by previous doctors. Many of their patients have had MRI’s or CT scans, but those studies are looking for big problems – tumors, vessel blockages, hemorrhages, etc. Very few have had a study that evaluates the function of the nervous system.

The Upper Cervical Specific doctors are able to help those that suffer from migraines by utilizing infrared thermography and biomechanical digital x-rays to locate the exact source of the neurological interference. Then with a very precise adjustment they can remove the interference from the nervous system. Once the nervous system is free from interference the function and coordination of the entire body improves.

With optimal nervous system function and proper nutrition your migraines can be a thing of the past. Is this a cure for migraines? Not really. A cure implies a magic bullet. There are no magic bullets in health, only cause and effect. However, if your body is out of balance neurologically or nutritionally (cause) then you might suffer from migraines (effect). If you address the cause then the effects will take care of themselves.

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