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Diary of a Doctor's Wife, Episode 002

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:16pm
Yesterday was our one month anniversary. Apparently, this is a Really Big Deal. I was totally unaware of this fact, but apparently you are still supposed to be in that lovey-dovey can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other stage after one month and one month is celebratory. With our schedule, we don’t have time to see each other, let alone get our hands on each other, so needless to say, the honeymoon period of our marriage was over the day the honeymoon ended. There is no lovey-doveiness, no cuddling on the couch, no sappy pet names… we are a tired, overworked, grumpy, old married couple one month into our wedding relationship.

Everyone wanted to know what we were doing to celebrate the monumental occasion of our one-month-iversary. The answer, of course, was absolutely nothing together, considering that he was on call overnight in the ICU, and I myself wound up stuck in the lab past midnight, working over 17 hours straight in the lab. We didn’t eat our slice of cake (rather than eat the entire gigantic top layer of cake on our one year anniversary, we cut it into twelve slices to eat each month), we didn’t drink the bottle of champagne someone bought us specifically for our one month anniversary… we didn’t even see each other. But it wasn’t really a big deal to me, because I’m a grumpy old married lady, so who has time for sappiness?

Today, I’ve gone through the same phone calls all over again, because it is my birthday. What fun surprises does my husband have in store? People reluctantly accepted that he was on call yesterday, but today they thought he must have something up his sleeve! My mother-in-law called this morning to wish me a happy birthday, and wanted to know if I knew what Husband had planned. Absolutely nothing was my answer – he was going to come home post-call and sleep. His plan was to nap from the time he got home until I returned from lab, we’d grab a quick dinner somewhere to celebrate, and he’d return to bed, but there were no surprises in there – he was definitely not going to have a gourmet dinner ready (he does not cook, period), no fancy dinner reservations – we were just going to get a fast dinner somewhere up the street. And heck, considering that I seem to go days without seeing him, short of a 4:30am pajama pager run, that was fine with me. She didn’t buy it – after all, he was post-call! He had ALL AFTERNOON off to plan something! There was something big in store for me!

I returned home from lab around 7pm, and Husband was still sound asleep. I gently poked him in bed, and he grunted something about being too tired, there was a card on the table, and happy birthday. And thus, my birthday is celebrated by myself, sitting on the couch, with sushi from Whole Foods. Not that there is anything wrong with this – I’m exhausted from the lab, I enjoy the peace and quiet, and I love me some multi-grain tuna roll – but that whole thing about how once you get married you’re never alone anymore? Yeah. Big myth. Stay tuned for the upcoming tale about how I get to be a bridesmaid in a wedding in Michigan the ONLY WEEKEND my husband has off for six weeks and how he decided not to come. Being married to a doctor? Two big gigantic thumbs up (the ass). And turning 25? Well, like one of my dear friends pointed out – it’s probably not all that worth celebrating anyways, since it’s halfway to 50.
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