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Deaths and more deaths....

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:04pm
Although the medical receiving unit is not as busy as during the winter months, I have seen so many deaths recently. And the main underlying cause of their death was alcohol.

Alcohol taken in moderate amounts is fine...but too much, can damage your liver. People with alcoholic liver disease (ALD) hold the season ticket into the hospital. We spent so much money and effort treating them, but they do not appreciate us. Once discharged, they are back to their drinking habits again. And the whole vicious cycle begins.

Just over the past 3 weeks, about more than 5 deaths have been due to ALD. One guy in particular was a frequent flyer into the hospital. He was admitted with haematemesis.....Again. He was so popular amongst us doctors that almost everyone in medicine knew who he was. Bleeding varices was his main problem. He got them banded in every single hospital admission, and once he got better, he insisted to sign himself out of the hospital. However, this time, he said that he does not want anything done to treat his condition. He died within 24 hours. He was only in his 30s. I guess he was tired of his illness.

It is a shame that those with ALD die that a very young age. For example, 3 women died recently, and all of them are between age 30-35, with children at home!! Shocking! I know it is pretty easy for me to say, "Stop drinking." But the thought that these people drink like there is no tomorrow without even considering about their children really disturbs me. Oh well, who am I to judge them eh?
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