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Dangerous Depletion of phosphorous

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:20pm
I've joined a dieting community and started another blog just ranting about my constant struggle to lose a few.. or 20lbs to get the to die for bikini body (nothing to do with health I'm sorry to say, I just want to look good, in this regard I am shallow, yes!)
Some of those dieters are really cranky! Especially when I've been lectured about metabolism "your body doesn't work that way"(explanation point!) and the dangerous depletion of phosphorous caused by drinking diet cola! I haven't come clean and told them I'm a med student... after all it did take a term & some cramming for metabolism, gastrointestinal and urinary to all fit together, can't expect to explain it in one reply. I did join for support more along the lines of 'how to be a social butterfly and not go over your calorie allowance' rather than sound nutritional advice.
Still, does give me some insight into lay beliefs about nutrition I suppose !

I'll smile sweetly the next time I'm lectured about the dangers of diet coke ;)
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