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Crackers n Cheese, Anyone?

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:04pm
I was really looking forward to watching Wallace and Gromit, " A Matter of Loaf and Death," last night....and I was not disappointed at all!

If you have no idea who Wallace and Gromit are, please cover your face in shame. =P

It is actually a clay animated comedy, starring Wallace, a chesse-loving man, and his ever faithful doggie, Gromit. They both work together very well to create all kinds of super high technology machines to make life easier for them....or for their own business. In this animation, they are both very funny and always supporting each other in their adventures. Although Gromit doesn't talk, his facial expressions say a million things!

Anyway, last night, BBC 1 premiered a brand new adventure, titled as above. Oh man, it was hilarious! There were witty lines, and an exciting storyline. This time, Wallace n Gromit started a new bakery business. However, Wallace fell in love with Piella Bakewell, a deadly murderer, who was killing all the bakers in town! It was up to Gromit to make Wallace realise that. So do catch their adventure on BBC iPlayer...

I was laughing my way through the animation....and *shhhh..... I watched it twice! muahaha. That's how crazy I am. Anyway, its breakfast time, and I might just have some cheese and crackers, with a nice cup of tea, would you like to join me?
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