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Could doctors do with a smart watch II ?

Posted Jul 27 2013 11:38pm

In the earlier post I mentioned the benefits of being able to tell who is calling by glancing at one’s watch, and with the ability to take or reject the call, it can be handy especially if one is busy with a patient or in the middle of a procedure.
If the watch could actually act as a speakerphone (connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone in your pocket), that would be an added bonus. So far no smartwatch has this capability, that it until the Kreyos Meteor was announced. Looking at all the features, one has to say the Geek level is insane. Androydz has this to add:

Personally, the coolest feature is no doubt the built-in speaker phone. This means that you can answer calls on the watch itself. I know this exposes the geek in me but the Kreyos Meteor had me at this feature. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Pair this feature with Siri on the iPhone or Google Now and I am in Star Trek geek heaven. You can now have your SMSes read to you and reply by voice, receive and reply email messages and notifications, post to Facebook and Twitter, and set up alarms – all without touching your phone.

If the above is not enough, the Kreyos Meteor also has a built-in 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope plus Bluetooth 4.0, 2.1+EDR, and even ANT+. Combine these 2 together with a smartphone and you have a really kick-ass activity and sports tracker. On its own, the Kreyos Meteor can keep track of your number of steps, stairs, calories, and running speed. Paired with the GPS on your smartphone and a Bluetooth heart rate sensor, you can keep track of other activities such as cycling speed and heart rate. With the right apps, the Kreyos Meteor can easily rival the Nike Fuel Band or the Fitbit. The motion sensor capabilities can be customized to control functions on your phone such as answering calls, skip music or even volume control.

The Kreyos Meteor works with iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 8 devices.

Watch the video:

I booked one @ $139. The $129 one is all sold out. This is my first venture into Crowd Funding and I hope it doesn’t go bust or get very delayed! However, the makers make a strong promise on a November 30 target date for delivery.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Could doctors do with a smart watch II ?

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