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Cook, Cook and Cook!

Posted Jan 16 2011 12:37pm
I havent mentioned this before, but one of my other resolution for the new year is to cook. Yes, I seriously need to spend some time cooking a meal for my ownself.

Over the past year, I have to admit that I have been cooking more than I used to, but it is still not good enough. Many a times after coming back from work, the tiredness and laziness just overcome my whole body, to the extent that I simply could not be bothered to stand in kitchen to cook a simple meal, like pasta or fried noodles/rice. But, is boiling some instant noodles for 3 minutes considered as cooking? Probably not.

This is even worse after a long day at work, or pre-night shifts. I keep telling myself, "Come on, how difficult can it be to chop up some vege/meat....put some oil in the pan, and cook yourself something edible?!"

Well, I think it is difficult, and requires alot of inspiration and effort. haha. The only time that I feel the urge to cook is when I have a friend over.

When I don't cook, I would eat loads of junk, just to keep me tummy filled. The junk includes sweets, chocolates, biscuits, crisps, breakfast cereal (even for dinner!!!!)..and ice-cream!! (I hide my face in shame just admitting to all these....) How am I meant to set a good example to my patients?!

So this is why it is very important for me to stick to this resolution of mine. Therefore, I have recently bought a few new recipe books...just so that I can get some ideas and make cooking bit more exciting/less hassle.

One of my new recipe books is called "Miss Dahl's voluptuous delights," written by Sophie Dahl, of course. I bought it because this book is written in a seasonal manner. So, they are different recipes for the 4 seasons of the year, and each recipe uses certain ingredients that are of more abundance in that particular season. Her instructions are easy to follow. Now, isn't that a good recipe book?

I shall update this blog now and again, whenever I attempt any of her recipes.

Also, since the start of this new year, I have followed a few of Nigella Lawson's recipes, which were taken from the internet. I love the way Nigella cooks her food. It is so different from other chefs, like Gordon Ramsay/Rick Stein.

Before I end, here's a treat for all you chocolate lovers/snack lovers out there. I strongly recommend Nigella's very easy to follow, and sinfully delicious "Churros with a chocolate dipping sauce" recipe. Yummmm....

Here is the link, so do go check it out:


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