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Chiropractic From the Beginning

Posted Aug 30 2013 10:19pm

As kids, we grow up thinking that all families are like our families, that all families have our same traditions, values and quirks, good or bad. Then as we get older, start going to school and interacting with other families, we realize that ours are unique and different in some ways. Maybe you realized that other moms made different foods than your mom cooked, or that other dads worked during the day while yours worked at night, or that some brothers and sisters didn’t live in the same house. Oftentimes these realizations aren’t good or bad, you just come to a realization that you’re just a little bit different! For me, that happened around third grade, when I realized that not all dads were chiropractors, that not all kids got checked for nerve interference, that not all kids had never had a need for medication like I had. You see, my dad was a chiropractor, so getting checked regularly and adjusted sometimes was normal for me, and I had never had a need for medication, and didn’t even know what it meant to be sick or take medicine. But I didn’t realize that these things made me different until I started hanging around with other kids!

Then, when I got into high school and started learning about the human body and health, I realized that I had a completely different understanding of it all than my classmates. You see, I was taught that my body was designed perfectly, that it knew exactly what it needed to do and when it needed to do it, to keep me healthy. That I didn’t need any outside help to be healthy, but that I needed full brain-body connection, and that chiropractic provided that restoration of connection. It astounded me that people thought that their bodies were inherently sick, that they had a “bad” back, knees or kidneys, and that they needed outside-in medication for their bodies to work properly. And that’s when I realized that I needed to share this knowledge with others, that others deserved to know and understand how perfectly designed their bodies are, and that they too can be healthy with just a few simple changes. That’s when I knew that I would follow in my dad’s footsteps and become a chiropractor.

I was lucky to realize this in high school, so I was able to go to college, get a degree in business management while completing the pre-requisites for chiropractic school, then go directly to chiropractic school and become a doctor by age 25! While I was stoked to be a chiropractor and share my gift, I really had no idea where or how I wanted to practice when I finished school. My brother, also a chiropractor, had graduated several years before me, so I was able to go practice with him for a bit before starting my own practice. He practiced in Costa Rica at the time, as did his wife. So I had the extreme good fortune of getting to live in Costa Rica for a year, work in two very successful offices helping a ton of people, AND watch my niece and nephew grow up!!

When I returned to the United States, it was to marry the love of my life, and open my practice here in Oakland. And it is here that I remain, committed to serving my community near and far, helping people every day to recognize that inborn healing perfection. I absolutely love what I do, and will forever encourage people to look within for health and healing, as well as ensure that brain-body connection is present and functioning. It’s what I do as a chiropractor, and it’s the best gift I can think of to share with others.

Lauren Clum is our doctor at The Specific Chiropractic Center, Oakland. You can follow her on .

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