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Career Considerations

Posted Jan 13 2011 12:00am
It is no secret that I've been fairly unhappy of late with my graduate school experience. There's a lot about my lab I dislike, a lot about my research I dislike, and a lot about how long it is taking me to do the research that causes other things I dislike (i.e., long distance marriage of 19 months and counting). I try very hard to remind myself that just because I am having this one bad experience does not mean I should write off all of academic research, but some days, I just can't imagine ever wanting to step foot in an academic laboratory every again. As such, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for alternative career opportunities. So far, there are two strong contenders
1) Yeast Laboratory
I was able to escape the lab for a weekend to visit my parents over Hanukkah. During the weekend, we took a tour Troegs , a local microbrewery, producers of fine beers such as Troegenator, HopBack Amber, Dreamweaver Wheat, Flying Mouflan, and Mad Elf. During the tour, we learned that this pint-sized microbrewery in the middle of Harrisburg employs not one, but two full time microbiologists to manage the yeast laboratory. A job requiring a science background playing an integral part in the brewing process? SIGN ME UP.  (And, even better, if you notice that the laboratory is empty, that's because it is a Saturday, and the microbiologists don't work weekends.)

2) Polamolecules
What on earth, you may ask, are Polamolecules? Watch the quick video below to educate yourself. Now, seriously. Science + Polamalu + great hair? It's a match made in career heaven!Dear Procter & Gamble: HIRE ME TO STUDY POLAMOLECULES.

Any other suggestions to add to my career considerations??
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