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But I don't feel like it!

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:22pm
Oh boy!

Remember my rambling on the topic of CPR? How people seem to think they don't need it?

This is even better.

We had our first class last Thursday. Yes, after all those problems and people thinking doctors can teleport themselves to a scene in a moment... we actually have people who applied for it. Lots of people. A huge waiting list. Which brings us to our first problem.

There were people who applied and were told when and where to show up. Then they were called on the phone, when we confirmed their application and once again told them when and where to come. And where to call if they can't come for any reason.

And then we had a a 30% no-show rate. Yes, the head of the project was furious. She called them again and explained in no uncertain terms that they were, well, lazy-assed scum and not welcome anymore and can proceed to the Red Cross and pay for a class if they ever decide knowing CPR might be a good idea. After all, there are people who have applied on the same day and won't get to take the class until March.

And then there were those who showed up. First, I have to say most of them were wonderful, ready to listen and ask questions and participate and actually benefit from the whole thing. Bravo! And then there was the 93-year-old lady, who takes a first aid course every ten years. Go her. And yes, she's still capable of sufficient mouth-to-mouth breathing.

And then, there's the less than enthusiastic crowd.
I will never do CPR in real life, so I see no reason to try it here.
I have tried one round of CPR and this is sufficient, I refuse to try again because I am tired. Yes, I know this is pretty much my only opportunity to do it, but still.
I've done it once, and I won't do it again, unless she has to go two rounds as well. (she being the 93-year-old who was at that moment wheezing from the effort)
But, I can't do it as fast as you clap, it's too fast
Upon explaining that she has to do it this fast, she did it, but...
Well, if I go this fast, I can't do it as deep as you want me to.
After explaining that a 93-year-old did it just fine...
Umm.... yes, but I still can't, it's too hard.

OK, I know, I shouldn't be complaining, at least they made the effort to show up. And I wasn't complaining at first, in fact, I was quite excited at people actually coming, and the length of the waiting list and the fact that I managed to actually teach a few people how to do proper CPR. I still am excited. It's just that... I still expect people to take some responsibility for their own life and what they learn and what they know and I can't understand this sort of "if I look the other way, it's not my problem" behaviour.
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