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Blisters May Be Soft, But They Are Painful

Posted Jun 18 2009 1:51pm
Blisters are a common, annoying, and painful foot problem. At some point, nearly everyone gets at least one on their foot.


A blister is a pocket of fluid that forms between the outer and inner skin of our feet usually in response to friction. They can also form in response to heat, moisture, an allergic reaction, or an infection.


Sometimes blisters are due to a bony problem under the skin. Blisters are our body’s way of preventing the skin on our feet from breaking open.


Unfortunately, blisters can be very painful and they can lead to serious infections or even in some cases gangrene.


Preventing Blisters

The best way to prevent a blister is to remove the source of the friction. This may mean simply wearing a good pair of socks, padding your foot with moleskin, or perhaps, buying a new pair of shoes or wearing a different shoe brand or style.


I also recommend keeping your feet dry, wearing shoes that fit well and using a sprinkle of good foot powder.


The very interesting thing about blisters is that what works to prevent a blister today may not work tomorrow.


Here is why: our feet change shape in response to temperature, humidity, the time of day, amount and type of activity, and other factors. An area of your foot that does not rub against your shoe today, may be a problem tomorrow.   

Treatment of Blisters

People in good health can treat small blisters by puncturing them with a sterile instrument and socking their foot in diluted betadine solution repeatedly.


If blisters recur, they may be due to bone problem or spur in your foot, or in some cases may not be a blister. In any event, you should have the problem checked by a podiatrist.


Further, if larger blisters develop or if you have an underlying medical problem, such as diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, or poor circulation, don’t treat the blister yourself; promptly see a podiatrist.
– Dr. Nirenberg
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