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Birthday Surprises

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:41pm

I’ve never had to go to school or work on my birthday before. Hurrah for summer birthdays! But, today at work was very enjoyable; 3 calls 0 transports.
First call was for leg laceration. Ooh, goody, trauma! When we arrived we were informed that the pt. had cut herself shaving and had bled through a towel. Ooh, goody, uncontrolled bleeding! We pulled back the makeshift dressing, to reveal…um, where is the cut, exactly? That pinpoint lac was making all this blood? Then the pt. demonstrated her predicament by standing up, which made blood literally gush from this miniscule wound. Well, that’s interesting. Quick history didn’t reveal anything significant, except varicose veins. There you go. I knew shaving was hazardous to my health. The patient decided to have her husband drive her to the ER. Very wise woman.
Later we had one that came out as a cardiac arrest. Adrenaline, check. I stopped for two seconds to take a deep breath and chillax. I got my wits about me as we found the location on a map, and I even remembered to grab the auto pulse, (a cool automatic chest compression machine we are supposed to be field testing).
On the way there my mind was racing. “Ooh, I’m nervous…or excited, I can’t tell! God, I hope I don’t mess up. Can you believe I have a ride along for this call?! Clear this intersection, I’m gonna get my tube! What if I don’t get my tube…Boy, I’m nervous. Stupid car, get out of the way! Oh God, I know people who live on this street! Just put the pads on, the rest will fall into place. Oh, thank you, it’s not at their house. We're here, put it in park, gloves, stethoscope, okay...”
Turned out there was nothing to be done. Oh, EMS and your trickery! I was pumped, I was ready!
I filled a different role as I explained to the family that there was nothing we could do. A birthday dichotomy.

Finally, we had an abdo pain who decided not to go, despite continued pain and lots of wheezing; too bad I’m not a kidnapper.

At the end of the day my partner bought me a blizzard. Unfortunately, not the snowy kind, as we could have used it, considering it was over 101 degrees today. But, you know my feelings on ice cream…yum!
Andy’s mom took us out to dinner and I got a delicious piña colada. Since then I have been opening and enjoying the many cards and surprises I received today in the mail.
Thanks to all who sent such kind messages on my 1st birthday away from home!

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