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Benefits of SmartLipo Body Contouring

Posted Jun 02 2010 10:08pm
Facts about This Wondrous Liposuction Procedure

The benefits of SmartLipo body contouring are many, especially since this form of liposuction is a great leap forward from what was traditionally practiced. Here are some facts about SmartLipo
• It is the first liposuction procedure to be laser assisted
• Initiated in Italy, it has been cleared by the FDA for use in the US
• Gets rid of small regions of fat deposits that refuse to go away with exercise or a reduction in food intake

How efficacious a SmartLipo treatment is would vary from person to person, depending on factors such as skin elasticity.

A Comprehensive Look at the Benefits of SmartLipo Body Contouring

Given below are the benefits of SmartLipo body contouring for both male and female candidates
• Can be used on people of different body types; color and kind of skin - young or old.

• Treatment for a single region generally doesn’t extend beyond an hour.

• Multiple regions (not greater than three) can be worked on in one sitting.

• A smaller cannula means smaller incisions, consequently less conspicuous scarring.

• Can even be used for facial enhancement. The other areas it is suitable for are the neck, upper arms, thighs, male breasts, mons pubis, back, abdomen, buttocks, hips, bra strap, and knees.

• The unwanted fat is liquefied and eliminated for good, flushed out by the body’s natural course.

• Stimulates the development of new collagen and the tightening of sagging skin.

• Utilizes local anesthesia rather than the riskier general anesthesia.

• Enhances the way cellulite appears.

• Dual wavelength, SmartSense, Thermister and other features of the SmartLipo MPX provide for effective lipolysis, improved hemostatic effect, uniform heating, less surgical trauma, and a greater power potential for speedier treatment.

Go Online to Find a Good SmartLipo Plastic Surgeon

Check out different SmartLipo centers, independent SmartLipo practitioners and SmartLipo plastic surgery directories online to find a dependable and experienced plastic surgeon . Such a surgeon would be able to give you maximum benefits of SmartLipo body contouring with utmost safety.
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