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Battling my To-Do List

Posted Jan 23 2009 6:16pm
I have a love/hate relationship with To-Do Lists. I love knowing what needs to be done, but I hate knowing how much stuff needs to be done. Incidentally, blogging does make my to-do list so I am in the process of getting something done that I think needs to be done. Now that I think of it, nearly everything I do that I find enjoyable makes my to-do list. Occasionally I've been known to place something like "Eat Chocolate" on my to-do list, but it's always after something where I know the chocolate incentive would be helpful. My favorite list came in undergrad where it was "Print final project Report. Take to be professionally bound and copied. Call friends and demand a night at the pub." Yes, my friends did oblige even though I had to call a couple groups of friends to find people available.

I have begun to notice a trend of "floating deadlines" on my to-do items, particularly as it relates to semester projects. Given that many deadlines in school exist because someone told you that you must do something for a grade, I'm liking the forward-planning I'm starting to see in my own schedule. I'm starting to see true deadlines that are a few months out as being rather urgent in terms of planning to meet that deadline (a couple of weeks in advance).

Today I checked to see how a particular project I delegated is advancing. It's not the most urgent project in the world, but I've been handling a piece of it for several months. Furthermore, it can be a bit process intensive as it has many disjointed steps. Yet, as far as I can tell, no progress has been made over the last three weeks. I'm slightly irritated as I feel as I have been more than accommodating. Moreover, I do not mind doing it myself. But right now, I'm in that middle space of staring down a clear to-do list item having to fight the urge to do it myself. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of what's happening with task management sooner rather than later.
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