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Bad Bad Traffic....

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:03pm
This traffic is doing my head in. On the way to work this am, I was stuck in traffic for about 1 hour. I left work today at 4pm, happily thinking that it is way ahead of the rush hour of 5 pm and I would be able to escape the evening traffic.

Yeah Right!

I got home about 6.15 pm. That was like 2 hours and 15 minutes in the BLOODY TRAFFIC!!!!

The M8 was stuck. uurrghh... for what reason? I do not know.

In that 2 hours, I managed to read a thin magazine and listen to a full CD! I could also see the traffic getting the better of me. I started to curse at any car that disrupted my journey...hehehe.

You know, I did wonder why does this traffic bother me so much. I was born and bred in KL...traffic there was never good. Traffic jam is a culture in KL...I remember getting stuck on the Kesas highway from Sunway to my home for probably 2 hours too...I should be used to this. But surprise, surprise...I was rather frustrated.

By the time I got home, my foot was aching, and I decided to give up my original plan of cooking dinner. Instead, I went to the shop, bought a huge cheeeesssyy bun and gobbled it down, with a cup of tea.

Urggh....can't cope with this traffic! TGIF, tomorrow! Really can't be bothered with this!
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