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Posted Jun 15 2011 7:26pm
Before we headed north, C suggested that we backpack one night and then hike in the high peaks the next day on a trail to "Avalanche Pass." To be honest, from the start I was not in love with the idea, and the addition of the word avalanche to our marathon of hiking didn't really sweeten the deal.
But, despite a questionable weather report and a significant drop in temperature from 60 miles east, we headed into the woods from Adorandack HQ. Though I had a 'tude on from the start, it was really good hiking. The trail was interesting and variable and there were no bugs! It was sprinkling rain throughout and the wind was cutting, but that really only made things better in a weird way. Until we stopped for lunch and nearly froze to death. We didn't do the whole hike to avoid walking along some exposed areas (didn't really want to brave the wind) but did make it to avalance lake which was beautiful. The trail got incredibly silly, comprised at some point mainly of wooden ladders carrying the hiker over enromous boulders. Did. not. like. at all. But, we made it to our 'goal' and it was altogether a good day.
By the end of the day, we brought our three day total to 25 miles. Not too shabby for the first hike(s) of the season.
The next day, we could miraculously sill walk and spent some time at a great and very camp mini golf course before going to a wedding. It was a fun time but we didn't leave until 9pm, drove all night and I got to bed at about 0515 and went to my grandmothers birthday party later that day. Whew!
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