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Android vs WebOS for medical users

Posted Feb 19 2010 3:58pm

Chad posted this comment and I thought I’d highlight this in the blog for further discussion

Can anyone debate Android vs Palm Pre. I will start an IM Residency soon and would like to purchase one of these verizon phones. From what I have read Android may be better for medical apps, Palm Pre Plus is newer with 16 GB memory, so apps may be coming?

Hi Chad. While Android is a good platform, I am not quite sure why one might rate it better for medical applications. WebOS is barely 7 months old and we have seen an explosion of applications, including medical ones.
The round-up by Precentral mentioned these apps in the official Palm App Catalog - PEPID
- Lexi-comp On Hand
- Daily Dose of Medical Knowledge
- Dose
- MediPDA (freeware by yours truly)
- Lab Values
There’s also the homebrew (where enthusiasts release early betas, and include some really great software) - Drugview
- OncoPDA
- Gray’s Anatomy
Where’s Epocrates you might ask? It’s coming. They just recently had another round of closed beta testing and from what I know you will be very pleased with the product.
On top of that, you can run practically all your old medical applications under Classic, the WebOS emulator for Garnet (PalmOS). Version 2.12 of Classic is excellent and includes a Backup and Restore feature as well as the ability to sync over Wifi with Palm Desktop (and third party conduits).

I have tested out Android and while it is multi-tasking like WebOS, somehow I find the UI clunky and not as elegant as WebOS. I guess it is up to personal preference, but if you are on Verizon, I would suggest you take a close, hard look at the Palm Pre Plus.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

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