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Android vs Palm vs iPhone (again)

Posted Jun 21 2010 11:23pm

S Kirk writes in:

I realize you’ve addressed this issue on a number of occasions, but how about one more time?

I’m pondering giving up on my Palm TX/SLVR L2 PDA/Cellphone combination (a poor man’s smartphone). As usual, I’m considering one member of the iPhone, Android, Web OS triad.

The problems with the iPhone include no micro-SD slot, proprietary connector (I have enough cords already!), and mandatory iTunes to get anything on the phone.

Android was my first choice, until I discovered you cannot make voice command Bluetooth calls (to be corrected in Android 2.2).

I’m a big Palm fan, but Web OS doesn’t allow voice dialing via Bluetooth either, and no word when it will. No SD slot on the Pixi or Pre, and important apps like Epocrates aren’t available on Web OS.

I’m inclined to wait for Android 2.2, but any opinions/suggestions?

It’s not a straight forward decision – it ultimately boils down to one’s specific needs and preferences. My own preference is obviously WebOS so my answers will be somewhat skewed in that direction.
- What apps do you need?
Epocrates for WebOS (and Android) is indeed available, just not the full Essentials version (yet) as pointed out by Kent in the earlier post. At least it is available (and free too) for a native WebOS drug reference. If there are specific medical applications you need which run only on a particular OS eg iPhone or Android then that will be a deciding factor.
- What is your personal preference?
I like WebOS for the UI. It is slick with cards and true multi-tasking and the best part to me are the great notifications. I don’t like the Android UI but that’s just me. As for iPhone, well it is jaded. iOS 4 spruces it somewhat but IMO, WebOS is a superior OS which just needs better hardware.
- Phone features
Voice dialing by BT you say? I used to do that with a Sony Ericsson phone but soon dropped it. Guess what? Speed dialling is far more accurate and efficient.
- Expansion ports.
The microUSB in the Palm Pre works like a regular USB drive. Everything is drag and drop. One does not need iTunes unlike the iPhone. I guess Android is the same as the Palm Pre in this respect.
- OS updates
WebOS does it OTA. You do not need iTunes to update the OS. Palm has been pushing up updates regularly from day 1 this way. You should compare this with how it is done for Android and iPhone.
- Most importantly, who is your Phone provider? What great deals can you get? If you are on Verizon, then a Palm Pre Plus is going for a bargain price and you get a free app to tether your notebook or tablet PC to the Pre. What coverage will you get?

On a related note, medical folks should check out our post and Poll on Medical smartphone users, what is your mobile OS of choice? and see who is in the lead ;)

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Android vs Palm vs iPhone (again)

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