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An email from a Hashimoto's Patient That Saddened Me...

Posted Feb 11 2011 1:44am

I received an email today from a lady with Hashimoto's that saddened me a bit. This is what she wrote...

"I have just had my annual blood tests  and have been told I have hashimoto's disease.

From what I read online, there is no cure and when my thyroid can't sustain the attacks on it by my immune system then it goes into hypothyroidism and I need medication for the rest of my life. Seems there is not much to be done."

Newly diagnosed and she is going to sit around and wait for the immune system to kill her gland and send her into hypothyroidism.

Does that sound like a good plan to you?

She is going down a road that is going to lead to fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and weight gain...

... all based on the false assumption that you can't slow down and modulate the immune attack.

My communication with her has led me to believe that she is going to have to go down the long and winding Hashimoto's road before she considers a new alternative... a better way.

If you are not already a patient in my practice, and you don't want to go down that long and unforgiving Hashimoto's road or maybe you have been traveling it for too many years and want to address the immune system (the real problem) then click the link below:

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