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All the hype about Vivo city mad ...

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:03pm

All the hype about Vivo city made me decide I had to take a look at it myself. After making plans, we decide to meet at Outram Park MRT station and then go together to Harbour Front where Vivo City is.


From the word “vivacity” which means liveliness; animation; sprightliness, this gigantic megastore was their response to our MidValley City. I however enjoyed myself as I was with these 2 lovely young vivacious ladies in Vivo City. We helped ourselves to Ben & Jerries Ice Cream Parlour which was just …… particuli�rement plaisant

We then enjoyed the little “sea” that they had which made Sentosa Island suddenly so near. This little “sea” were money making as cruise ships were docking and that made me wonder did not we have more sea to offer. Well, what can I say!

After lunch at Sausage King or something like that, we parted ways and off I went adventuring the City on my own. I headed for Sim Lin Plaza, our version of Low Yatt Plaza but older, and Grand Central Plaza to look for a PDA and an underwater strobe for my camera. The ultimate difference was these guys actually one guy and one lady took the effort to explain to me in depth regarding the products I saw. Something I hardly get here as most of the retailers hardly know what they sell in Malaysia. “Boleh jalan, sudahlah! Buat apa mau cakap banyak-banyak!”
The lady in Scubapro was excellent as she demonstrated the strobes and its handles and gadgets. She gave me a short tutorial on strobes and then told me to exercise my customer rights to go and review other models either at other shops and on internet forums before I made up my mind. If it was reverse psychology she lost as I actually took her word and decided to exercise my customer rigths! Duh! Then it was this other guy who without me asking came to the counter and started demonstrating the PDAs he had, the pros and cons and why and which I should not buy! Duh! Well I bought one as both my obsolete PDA and my dysfunctional phone were running reaching their life end. Isn’t shopping in S’pore fun?

Later that night, I met up with my closest Uncle and Auntie for a dinner in Thekka, my dads favourite landmark. This was after giving me an excellent dinner the night before in one Delhi restaurant with the 2 other ladies who happened to be their daughters and my nieces!

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