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Afraid of me, anyone?

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:22pm
I just experienced a really pleasant trip to the dermatology department of our biggest hospital. To say that they're a famous bunch would be an understatement. Well, infamous might be the word I'm looking for. They have a tendency to lose patients' charts, not arrange appointments when they're supposed to even if that delays treatment for a year and just generally screw up. And when you point that out, you get yelled at, because they're ever so busy and can't be expected to do it all.

And today, I had to go complain to them about not getting an appointment, with an additional problem: the nature of my problems got them to consider making an appointment even without the proper documents. And I still didn't have those document with me today - they told me I didn't need them yet after all.

So, I came humbly to the clerk and explained my predicament. Seeing as how we're talking about an onco check-up, she was willing to check the list of accepted patients for the last week. The only problem was, I needed her to check an entire month. So, I gave her the nicest look possible, explained when I had been there, and to verify the accuracy of the date, I told her I knew the date exactly because it was in the week of my dermatology rotation in that very same hospital.

And lo and behold! Suddenly I had two clerks feverishly going through a whole month's list of patients, checking and double-checking, then they extended their search to a week prior just to make sure there wasn't some freak mistake, then a third clerk triple-checked it and then all three of them proceeded to look for my chart leaving everyone else in the line waiting.

All of this work obviously resulted in them finding my chart, followed by a promise that the responsible nurse would get it today and I would have the date and time tomorrow. And I got to choose whether I want the date mailed to me or would I rather pick it up in person to make sure nothing went wrong again. After all, I do go to school accross the street, don't I?

Not that I'm complaining over all this efficiency and niceness and all, but: if they treated all the patients this seriously, they wouldn't have misplaced my or anyone else's chart in the first place. So they would actually have less work to do, and less people complaining about how they do it. And yet, they choose to only treat doctors and soon-to-be-doctors with this kind of professional attitude. Afraid I might be their boss one day?
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