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A must see!

Posted Jun 06 2010 10:08pm
7 June, 2010 at 1:08 pm gcgeorge

I have always wanted to watch a stage show – a theater, a musical etc. Recently, I managed and I was left in awe of the show – so much so that it still seem like it was just yesterday I watched it. Maybe, I could relate to it at many levels – and thus this musical really did touch my heart and I found myself crying. This show that I speak of is non other than our very own, “Adam, the Musical” .

The show started on the 12th May 2010 and will be the first ever to run for over a month and ending on the 20th June. The show written by Mark Beau De Silva and directed by Joe Hasham, is based on issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS. The crew was excellent and delivered the musical so very well. The music was good and I especially liked the song,” Here, Here’s a Lollipop” and “I dont need a wheelchair anymore”. The actors and actresses was all very very good with the likes of Dato Faridah Merican, Malik Taufiq, Tabitha Kong and also who could forget the role played by Tria Aziz.

This musical brought many thoughts to my mind. As a doctor, I have come across many HIV/AIDS patients and have taken time to listen and care for them.I have also seen how the community and also the medical institution treated these group of patients. Many would say, “They deserve what they get for the way they behaved!” I never agreed with these remarks as I feel nobody deserves to be sick of any disease what ever your character or conduct is like. Furthermore, who am I to judge them, as I myself have my own shortcomings. Then again how would that remark above fit for those born of mothers of HIV/AIDS or those who got it from blood transfusion. It made me remember of this one particular patient I took care of in my early years of service. A young Chinese man diagnosed with AIDS and then at that time AIDS was new to the world. His family deserted him. He had no visitors. He understood why but was feeling very alone without anyone to confide in. He had many things to say but to no one. Nobody was interested enough to listen. He did not want advice, he did not want empathy but just a ear to hear him. I was that ear ………. and he as my patient has somehow become my unofficial teacher and thought me that my duties as a doctor had a wider definition. For that, I owe him for being who I am today. I watched him deteriorate every day and breathing his final breathe, brought tears welling in my eyes then… I still remember his face.

The other part of this musical that touched me was the emotional dynamics that was going on between the couple and their respective family. The musical depicts the lady, Sylvia and her sister and the gentleman, Adam and his Auntie, who took care of him as her own after the death of Adam’s mother. It also touches a little on the fact that both are of differing religion. It also the addresses the emotional and realistic issue of loving a person who has AIDS/HIV from birth. What or how would you react if your spouse or loved one was found to have HIV/AIDS? I had recently had a friend who was diagnosed to have HIV and he expressed to me his fear of telling his girlfriend of his condition. We had the same discussion over tea a few times and despite my medical advice which I have given him, I understand the fear and worry he harbors.

Watch it before it finishes, I assure you, you would not be disappointed.

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