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Posted Jul 12 2010 12:00am

To lose a leg is catastrophic. There is no supply of prosthesis around and without a leg you cannot do the farming which is the only way to survive for 95% of the rural population.

It is an old dream of mine to be able to supply our amputees with an artificial leg. Readymade prosthesis in different sizes left and right are available and can be purchased from abroad if only we had the money. Made of out of plastic they need only some heating to be adjusted to an amputation stump. No need of high tech equipment or trained staff - only money is needed.

Recently during the Swedish election campaign the country’s infamous Marxist-feminist nr 1 burned 100 000 Swedish crowns in public to get the attention of the media. She got it with the same success as when she urinated on the red carpet among dignitaries during a gala in Stockholm. This time however she was sober.

In the same election campaign various car companies pay 8 million crowns for free champagne to everyone.

One of our patients made an artificial leg for himself. A bit clumsy, but it works.






Others do not have that capacity and therefore we always do our outmost to save a limb.

This unfortunate man was as drunk as the Swedish Marxist-feminist NR 1 when she urinated on the red carpet. He fell asleep outside his hut and woke up in the middle of the night as a hyena was having a good meal on his leg.



In the operating theater all dead muscles and other soft tissues were cut away and the wound cleaned thoroughly (wound debridement and revision).




Not much was left. However the anterior muscles kept the foot in (dorsal) extension so there is a substantial chance of getting the patient walking on two feet




After some days the large defect was covered with skin graft.




It looked promising on the latest picture.



The patients disappeared although he was told to return for follow up.

Maybe a lucky hyena got a full and undisturbed meal later?

100 000 Swedish Crowns would pay for 500 cesareans saving 1000 human lives.

The free champagne could keep Aira Hospital going for 100 years.

Priorities are indeed different in this world.










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