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“Monster, Monster, Go Away” Spray…………… (Kid-oriented post)

Posted Apr 25 2012 11:08am

Lets be serious……..everyone is afraid of monsters lurking around in their closet at night. Just the mere thought of them can be super scary!! Which is why monster spray works so well. Monsters absolutely HATE the smell of really nice fresh flowers, so why not scare them away with a spray that smells just like that? And the best part is, you can spray it anywhere you think they are hiding: the closet, under the bed, behind your door, etc.

You can even make your own monster spray. Just get a 16oz or 32oz spray bottle, fill it with distilled water, then add 5-10 drops total (depending on the size of the bottle) of Lavender essential oil and/or Lemon verbena essential oil to promote calming and relaxation for you, and grossing the bajeebas out of the monsters. Make sure to shake it up before each time you spray the bottle so the smell is evenly distributed throughout the bottle! Both of these essential oils smell really great, which is perfect for humans, and terrible for monsters :)

Try it at home, see if it works!

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