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6 Random Things about Me Meme

Posted Jan 23 2009 6:16pm
SoAcmegirlgave me the 6 random things meme.Rules are easy: post 6 random things about yourself and if you can think of people who haven't done it yet, give them a tag.

1. I deplore name games but frequently get stuck playing them. I do not understand why EVERY team building exercise set I've done involves some sort of name game. Because I've learned the games that have high levels of reoccurrence, I have a running file in my head for how I like my name to be played.

2. I have this nasty habit of leaving (indoor) Christmas decorations up for an absurd length of time. I don't particularly enjoy massive cleaning of my house, and I really like my artificial tree's personality so it tends to stay up. However, I am NOT the type to redecorate my tree in accordance with the season. I once visited someone who did (flag garland for 4th of July, pumpkin bubble lights for Halloween) and it's a bit odd.

3. I save money to the extreme only to splurge on bigger things that I really want to do. This habit has enabled me to go very interesting places. Even on a graduate student's budget, I can find ways to afford a bit of travel.

4. I like being able to wear long sleeves and pants. I sunburn pretty easily so I think that has something to do with it. But I really don't like when it's so hot in the summer time that you can't wear pants.

5. I occasionally am known to have full-blown conversations with my cat. He's quite social so stop looking at me funny.

6. The only category of material possession well accounted for in my house is books. I have so many books. I don't understand the clothes, shoe, and knick knack collection, but I certainly love my library.

I think I've seen this just about everywhere the past couple of days so I'm going to contemplate tagging.
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