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5 Good Reasons To Embrace Menopause

Posted Jul 12 2010 10:51pm
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5 Good Reasons To Embrace Menopause


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5 Good Reasons to Embrace Menopause

In American society, we’ve done a great job at placing negative emphasis on menopause, the natural transition that women go through sometime after the age of 40. We equate menopause with old age, loss of youth and the point at which a woman’s life begins a downward spiral.

It’s true that menopause can come with seemingly unpleasant side effects—feelings of depression, mood swings, fatigue, hot flashes—but, just like any other transitional period in life, a woman’s mindset and personal resolve to make the most of a not-so-wonderful situation can make a big difference in how menopause is perceived.

Instead of dwelling on the negative things that are often equated with menopause, let’s consider for a moment just a few of the good things about this natural life transition:

  1. Time to focus on you. Instead of letting our culture force you into thinking about how little time you have left, take time during menopause to consider all that you’ve achieved and done so far in your life. Think about all of the good friends you’ve made, the positive moments you’ve had with family members, the incredible places you’ve traveled on vacations and all that you’ve learned along the way. What a great journey! Now, look at your future as a blank slate. Carry those positive memories from the past with you as you embark on another journey in your life. This isn’t the end of the good times … this is just the start of new ones!
  2. Time for education. Help break down the misconceptions of menopause by sharing your experiences with other people. Talking about what you are going through can help others cope once they, too, reach this stage in life. Also, spend time with other menopausal women. It can be both therapeutic and empowering to bond with others who are going through the same thing you are.
  3. No more periods. Let’s face it, most women are more than happy to give up what many consider to be an inconvenient, messy and often painful part of every month. You no longer have to worry about the extra costs and preparation of menstruation once you’ve hit menopause.
  4. Side effects associated with menstruation go away. When you say hello to menopause, you also get to kick PMS and hormonal headaches to the curb. In addition, uterine fibroids stop growing or shrink when women reach menopause and estrogen levels decline. For women who experience pain or other symptoms of fibroids, menopause can be very welcome indeed.
  5. Embrace greater self assurance. Many postmenopausal women feel empowered by menopause, and rightly so. This is a great point in your life to kick old routines, rekindle your passions and pursue your professional and personal goals without worrying about raising kids. This might also be the ideal time to switch careers, turn a hobby into a business or pursue new physical challenges. By this point, women have gained enough life experience that they don’t have to spend time figuring out how to live … they can just do it!

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