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4000+ apps for your Palm Pre

Posted Jun 20 2009 10:40pm


No, I am not talking about the thousands of PalmOS apps which you can run on the Classic emulator, I am referring to the Webapps for the iPhone.
The Palm Pre’s browser is basically a Webkit browser like Safari so my guess is many of these webapps should run. I have also tested some of these on Iris, a webkit compatible browser for Windows mobile and they work.

There are some medical gems out there like the ICD-10 which allows you to browse or search for the ICD code for the various diagnoses.
I also noticed this Medrez on-call scheduling viewer which might be useful for those of you faced with this tedious task.

The thing about the Palm Pre is that these Webapps need not only be bookmarked in the traditional sense from one’s browser - you can click ‘add to launcher’ from the browser menu and then it becomes an icon on your launcher that loads up the browser directly to that page.

Found any other medical webapp that is useful? Let us know.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

4000+ apps for your Palm Pre

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