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3 Devastating Mistakes Many Parents Make When A Child Has A Headache

Posted Aug 14 2013 10:16pm

As a parent myself, I know that all parents want their child to be happy, to thrive and to accomplish wonderful things in life. Did you know that all of those hopes and dreams can be undone by headaches?

At some point we’ve all had a headache and thankfully the vast majority of us live through the experience. And it’s our own experience with the occasional headache that cause most of us parents to handle the situation incorrectly – potentially causing more harm even though we mean well.

80 Billion. That’s how many Aspirin tablets Americans consume every year and part of that outrageous number comes from kids taking Aspirin. Not only is Aspirin associated with ulcers, Reyes Syndrome and kidney disorders, but taking any sort of pain reliever on a regular basis can make the next headache even worse. This is called the “medical overuse headache”. This can lead to a vicious cycle.

Most parents don’t take the headache seriously enough. However, research shows that frequent headaches can impact a child’s life as much, or in some aspects even more than physically devastating conditions like cancer or arthritis. Like a pair of shoes, many parents think that a child will simply grow out of their headaches. Again, research has shown that in many cases children with frequent headaches are more prone to developing chronic health problems in adulthood. This means kids don’t grow out of their headaches, but rather grow into other health problems.

There a multiple causes of headaches, but by far the most common is a problem in the cervical spine (neck). The birth process and learning how to walk can be rough on a child’s body and those multiple impacts can cause one or more of the neck bones (vertebrae) to become slightly misaligned.

Those small misalignments (vertebral subluxations) cause increased muscle tension, alter blood flow and interrupt normal nervous system activity. All of that stuff can add up to frequent headaches.

More and more parents are turning to chiropractic for help and rightly so as doctors of chiropractic are the only medical professionals trained and skilled to detect and correct these small spinal misalignments.

School is just around the corner and now is a great time to get your child checked by a doctor at The Specific Chiropractic Centers. In fact, for the rest of this month (August) all of our offices are offering a huge discount on the initial evaluation – $49 (a savings of $150 off the regular fee).

A gentle, specific spinal adjustment from a chiropractor is a small thing, but when it fixes the problem and prevents future headaches in your child… well, I can’t think of anything bigger or more important.

Stay well out there,

Dr. Jason Gonzales
The Specific Chiropractic Center, Chico

PS. Please share this with the other parents… even if it helps just one child it would be worth it.

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