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2 Year Old and Big Questions to be Answered

Posted Mar 14 2010 1:13am
I have a decision to make.

Whether to continue this blog in the face of certain attitudes towards what I write.

I have always known some people on station know who I am and what I do. No one has ever made me believe this would cause a problem. Until now.

I have been receiving comments from an 'Anonymous' reader which I have not published as they serve to achieve nothing other than to personally bait me into saying something bad or asking me to explain some of the terms I have used in the writing. This person has even shed their anonymity by approaching me personally on a social network site, where I am friends with other work colleagues. By doing so exposing me further.

I have never shied away from critical comments and have always tried to answer them to the best of my ability. Take the comment thread from this job for instance. So I am not ignoring the comments because am scared of their critical nature but because they bring nothing to the blog.

Equally I have never meant to cause offence with the names I have chosen as alias for people. I have generally used either a personality trait or a hobby they embark on outside work. If I have ever offended anyone I genuinely apologise.

I have always believed I have protected patient confidentiality and been careful about when I write about certain identifiable jobs. The only way these jobs have been identified is if the other persons involved recognise it and know it was me there. This would have been inevitable whoever I am and however I write.

There are blogger's in the sphere who are identified and 'out' as it were. Tom Reynolds at Random Reality and Kal at Trauma Queen . They have learnt quickly how to write without causing too much controversy and protect patient confidentiality well. Both have emailed me in the past to offer advice and warning on some of the writing I have done and I have tried to take this on board. The blog has been going for 2 years now and hope I have learnt how to do this as well. Although maybe I am still very naive about the whole process.

So the decision comes.

Do I continue to blog in the face of possible hostile criticism from the people I work with on a daily basis?

If people know its me and I 'out' myself would this make life easier? People could then approach me if they do not wish to be written about, I am more than happy to maintain their anonymity.

Or do I cut my losses after 2 good years and close the blog altogether. It would be sad to do this as I enjoy the process of getting my thoughts into writing and getting commenter's opinions. As with everything I learn from this. I have also built up quite a following and I'm very proud of this.

I had hoped my 2 year birthday post would be a bit happier but this is the card I've been dealt and as always would appreciate your views on this.

Hope your all well and enjoying the beginning of spring!

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