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Lauren, here! I'm a recent graduate of Trinity University, with an undergrad degree in mathematics. I'm working on my Ph.D. in math education at Texas State University. My passion for food has been with me since I was young. Food brings people together, nourishes us, fuels our bodies, and can... Full Bio
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Pizza delivery...delicious and nutritious!

I'm still here...just ridiculously busy! Hence the 6:45 am post. Yes, I am already in my office. Yes, I have already finished a chapter of reading...

Healthy Lunch Ideas

So sorry for disappearing for a while! My first full week of school had me as busy as can be, so my blog took the back burner temporarily. I've...

Southwest Scram

I can't believe classes start tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous and scared and really happy all at the same time. I'll keep y'all posted on how my...

Berry-Banana Shake

I've never set specific fitness/diet goals before (aside from "eat better" and "exercise more"), and I decided it's time to start! Current...

Product Reviews: Snack Bars

I require constant feeding. After 4 hours of not eating, I'm a completely different (and unpleasant) person. Like those snickers commercials where...

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