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I suffer from Depression, and am recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. I make for awkward company in person, I have a insatiable appetite for being a nerd, but give me a webpage and a keyboard and I will rant at you for hours until you can't take it any longer. I've spent years devoting myself to a... Full Bio
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Fucking perception. How is yours?

I was going to write this on my other blog, because I never really come here any more. This is, however, an entirely body-image related post...

What I miss about this blog.

Once every few months I log back in and stare quietly at this space. I see how people come back every day and look at this website, almost half...

I’m moving to a new blog!

I’m posting this on both my old and squeaky-clean-new blog. After I stopped posting a month or two ago, I kept on falling asleep with posts...

Goodbye Blog.

I’ve decided to stop using this blog. I started blogging many years ago using an old Tumblr, blogging all about my recovery. I had a bit over a...

Random Facts, A-Z.

I saw survey’s lurking around, so I joined in. I’m quite anonymous on this blog, so here’s some incredibly random information about my...

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