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My name's Lexie and my blog is If I was a Fit Girl (dot) com. I consider my blog to be a fitness blog about how I try to stay fit in college. I lost 30 pounds in high school only to gain 10 pounds of it back by my sophomore year of college. I re-lost the 10 pounds and now blog about breaking new... Full Bio
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Is it Christmas?

But I figured I’d get this over with before I’m TOO silly on gummy flavored Pinnacle. Merry Christmas, creepers. Don’t forget that he...

Things I asked for for Christmas that I guarantee I won’t be getting

1. ) Self inflating sumo wrestler suit. Actually , I asked for two of these so that my sister and I could fight each other. 2.) A...

Forty Percent

Whenever my office was offering flu shots, I was one of the only employees to turn it down. Sure, it was difficult seeing everyone else get...

The one about “man-pretty”

Last weekend (for very sad reasons that I don’t care to discuss on the internet) I found myself in Lancaster County Pennsylvania amongst my...

Wife skills

Now that I’m antisocial single, I’ve found myself with some additional time on my hands. I mean, remember the pie charts ? In a...

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