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I'm interested in change and transformation on many levels, from astrophysics to healing to complex systems. How do we change? What makes us transform, especially when we so often fight it. I love the trickster image -- that character who convinces us, tricks us, cajoles us, or kicks us in the... Full Bio
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Contemporary Psychotherapy

I wanted to share some comments from Healing Plots, a book by Amia Lieblich, et al, with which I very much resonate. They write that...

Neurobiology Learning Society of Honolulu: learning, mirror neurons, and dreams.

In April, the Neurobiology Learning Society met in Honolulu at 1601 Kapiolani Ave (Intercultural Communication College offices). Argosy...

Drug Vs. Social Factors Binary Thinking

An article on drug development for anorexia caught my attention. See it...

I'm recommending Judith Or ...

I'm recommending Judith Orloff's new book to my friends and colleagues. It's called Emotional Freedom. For more information, see Judith's...

Psychiatry and Aboriginal North America

Native American culture and psychiatry Native American people are typically diagnosed with higher rates of “mental illness” than white North...

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