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Symptoms may depend on what type of leukemia you have, but common symptoms... more
May 09 2013 8:52am
The fever could be a result of his body's reaction to the chemo, an infection, or an... more
Feb 04 2011 2:57am
Hope your daughter will get well soon. From my analysis, try avoid taking, carrot... more
Oct 09 2010 7:16am
Every person normally has two copies of chromosome7 that forms a pair. One copy... more
Oct 26 2010 9:10am
Hi.  Sorry to hear about your mum.  I just wanted to say that it could be the AML, but... more
Nov 27 2010 11:07pm
Nov 03 2009 1:52pm
I have mild to severe cGvHD in my arms, hands, legs, feet, stomach and GI track. ... more
Feb 04 2011 3:24am