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This week's update

Posted Apr 29 2010 12:00am
So, we did not make it under the 5% of cancer cells left in her body, that we were really hoping for. This puts her into a high risk category, which means her prognosis is lower than it was before. This also means that she will be undergoing a much more intense chemo treatment than before. If the next test on May 7, does not show her to be under 1% of cancer cells left in her body her chances of survival are 2 to 4 percent. I'm sure we are going to make it through this next hurdle, but few more prayers couldn't hurt!

The good news is that this week has been a huge turn around for Hannah emotionally. We have settled into a good hospital routine and she no longer seems so scared of everyone there. On Wednesday she was even making small talk with the Dr.! This is previously unheard of, as she would either cry or growl at them. At home, she is being her sweet, funny self. Granted, she is still very tired and in pain often, but in a good mood. We got a care package from her preschool that really cheered her up. They sent many toys and activities, but the thing that she loved the most was, all the hand written cards and the huge banner! She told the nurses about that. She loves the presents that everyone has sent. I want to thank all of you. The toys and color books have really helped in tough moments to give her something to be happy about.
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