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So, is the Cancer Gone?

Posted Jun 05 2012 10:11am
YES!!!!! HANNAH BEAT CANCER! (I don't want to stop typing that!)

Hannah, at Friday's appointment.
That is the phone call I had yesterday with Hannah's doctor.  Hannah had her June chemo on Friday the 1st.  It was chemo in her spinal column.  She also, had a BMA, which is a test to check her whole body for cancer.

 I wasn't expecting the news until Wednesday. Her Dr. said when they saw the tests come back in yesterday afternoon, they knew they had to call. I was sitting in my office when I saw Children's Hospital come up on my phone.

 My heart hit my stomach.  This was it.  Early results usually mean bad news.  I was bracing myself and trying to say hello at the same time. Her Dr. started the conversation with, "The tests are back.  I have good news!"  I'm not that sure what all I said, I just know it wasn't the screaming and jumping I thought I would do.  I was crying.  I hung up and Barb, my co-worker walked by.  I told her I got the results.  I couldn't speak or stop crying.  She thought it was bad news!

 All I could think was "She did it! Two and half years of hard fighting and she won."  I shared the news as much as I could but I just kept crying when I talked.  I wanted out of there.   I wanted to get to Hannah as fast as I could. 

Telling Hannah was the most fun.  As soon as I got to Anna's house, (Anna and family are our close friends who, are also, our daycare), and raced in to find Hannah.

 I told her I had big news.  We got the results from the test on Friday, the one that made her back hurt, the one that would show if the cancer was all gone.  I said, "You did it baby, you beat cancer.  It is all gone.  No, more cancer in your body!"

 Hannah jumped up, arms above her head and screamed!  From behind us, in the other room, all of the other kids, Andrew, Aaron, Maddie, Taylor, Katie, Megan, and Gracie, who were all listening in, all screamed and jumped around!  It was a cool echo of happy yells and shouts.  Everyone was hugging and congratulating Hannah.

This is what it looked like when I told her!
I am SO proud of her and excited and overwhelmed and in shock.  My head is still spinning.  Hannah's last day of chemo will be August 2nd.  After that we can book the surgery to have her port- a-cath removed from her chest wall.  She will be a normal girl, who isn't nauseous all the time, doesn't have to take chemo, and can play soccer!  Soccer has to wait till the port is out, but she wants signed up as soon as she can.

Thank you all so much for being a wonderful support to us through this.  I love all of you and don't know how I would have managed without you. Thank you!!!
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