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Recurring chills and fever

Posted by OncTyper61

Hello -

 I'm a 50-year-old white female, no health issues, on no medications, with a family history of recently having lost my father (had CLL, died of Merkel cell), and sister (soft tissue sarcoma) about 10 months ago.  I'll be the first to admit that their deaths, plus the fact I'm a medical transcriptionist who does large volume oncology, may be raising my alarm bells a little....

I've been having recurring chills and fever for about 8 months.  They seem to be coming a bit more frequently now (twice in April, twice in July), but have averaged once a month over that course of 8 months (8 times total).  Episodes start with a general flu-like feeling, then I start shaking, and about half an hour later I get a low fever, about 100.5 or 100.8  I take some aspirin, rest, and after a couple of hours feel fine again. 

 A few weeks ago I also started having arm pain (bone/joint), and weakness.  Went to see my PCP about it, and mentioned the recurrent chills/fever, which did give him pause.....but he said if this was leukemia, etc. I would probably be going downhill faster with other symptoms.  Asked me to bring it up at my physical.  (I'm having the blood work this week, exam next week). 

 My CBC has always been normal in the past, although the last one was about 4/5 months ago.  So, here are my questions to you:

 Should I be asking for any other lab tests, or will the CBC tell the story?    

Would I be overly aggressive here in seeing a hematologist? 

 I really don't want to be an alarmist here, just want to feel confident that I covered all the bases.  The memory of my sister (who btw was also 50), asking me to look at the lump on her arm, and me telling her to go see the doctor, but she procrastinated, is still pretty fresh in my mind.

 Thanks in advance for your thoughts on the matter.

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