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Is a stiff or sore neck in anyway related to AML Leukemia??

Posted by Darla A.

We were just told my mother has AML Leukemia. She has been getting blood and platelets off and on since we found out. But now she is suffering with a horrible stiff and sore neck. She can barely move her head up & down or side to side.  Could this be related to the AML or is it just a pulled muscle or stifff neck from her being so tense and sitting in a very uncomfortable chair 3 days out of 7 getting blood.

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Hi.  Sorry to hear about your mum.  I just wanted to say that it could be the AML, but also could easily be a bad seating position.  I was diagnosed with AML May 2009.  Prior to having the diagnosis I had been stiff the full length of my back and into my neck for about 6 months.  I am also a massage and myofascial release therapist.  Bad posture and inactivity are big factors in a stiff neck.  If it is from the AML, the treatment from the doctors should help get rid of the stiffness.  My back is so much better now.

I had 4 lots of heavy chemo during 2009 and was barely out of hospital.  I have since had a bone marrow transplant in April of this year and am doing well.  The doctors have done a really good job, but I also put my brilliant recovery down to a positive attitude and lots of Reiki healing and meditation.  PLEASE GET SOME REIKI....    

Light and love 

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